2016 Portland Stakeholder Committee on CRC Appeals Process

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Committee-generated documents

The final report may be found at this linkThank you all for participating!

Note: We have not included the meeting minutes in the final report.  Minutes of the meeting were taken by the City of Portland and are available upon request.  Please reach out to Mandi Hood, Program Support Specialist, at 503-823-5149 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Purpose/Scope of Work:

The committee was formed pursuant to a request from Mayor Hales and Commissioner Amanda Fritz to convene a short stakeholder review process to provide constructive feedback on two major sticking points noted in public testimony at a City Council meeting on September 14, 2016.  Item 1033 on the Council agenda was listed as follows: Amend City Code to revise filing process, investigation and appeal provisions of complaints of police officer misconduct (Ordinance introduced by Auditor Hull Caballero; amend Code Section 3.20.140 and Chapter 3.21).  Click here for a copy of the requested code change discussed at that meeting.  As a result, the purpose of this short stakeholder discussion process is as follows:

  • Primary Goal: To provide constructive recommendations regarding the issues of Appeals Hearing panel size (and a potentially-related subject of CRC size), and whether (or how) to take public comment during CRC Appeal Hearings.  The intent is to identified solutions to those issues that are consistent with a recognized need to accelerate the process without compromising the result.
  • Secondary Goal:  Assuming the first goal can be fulfilled, remaining available time may be used to outline suggestions for the next process-steps for the City to consider to complete a more comprehensive stakeholder review.   However, the purpose of this meeting is not a comprehensive review.

Other background materials:

The following links or documents have been forwarded to the facilitator by participants in advance of the first meeting.   Listing of these links here is for information purposes and should not be construed as implying endorsement by the facilitator.  If we have failed to list something sent by a committee member, simply let the facilitator know and we'll get it posted.

Item 1033: The proposed ordinance changes discussed on September 14, 2016 at Portland City Council.

Redline version of current IPR ordinance with proposed changes

Current CRC protocols for holding (a) appeal hearings and conference hearings

Current CRC protocols for holding  (b) supplemental hearings

Current CRC protocol for taking public comment

List of CRC appeals cases heard in 2015-2016 including reasons hearings were delayed (link pending)

Redline version of current Police Review Board ordinance

Protocol for City Council hearings

Code section restricting CRC's decision making to investigated info

Mental Health Association of Portland's recommendation on the accommodation and public policy discussions written for the City in 2014

MHAP's letter to Judge Simon about the value of protecting the fragile voice of people with mental illness in policy discussion

COAB-approved 46 recommendations

Portland Copwatch Analysis showing how many hearings per year, on average, each CRC or PRB member has to hear based on various configurations


Historic Documents

The following links are simply ported over from an earlier web page CDRI set up when facilitating the 2010 stakeholder group.  (If a link is broken, we will be repairing them as we determine the correct URL pointer.)  Some documents may be of use to those who wish for more historical context:

A directory of IPR & CRC reports can be found on IPR's website.  For example, those not familiar with IPR's annual report may benefit by reviewing the lastest IPR annual report for context.

Final report: 2010 Police Oversight Stakeholder Report.

Albina Ministerial Alliance (AMA) Coalition for Justice and Police Reform Comments on the new Police Oversight ordinance, May 24, 2010

Luna-Firebaugh Report.  Performance Review of the Independent Police Review Division, January 2008, byEileen Luna-Firebaugh, JD, MPA.

Majority Report of the Mayor's PIIAC Workgroup, October 2000.