Core Team

It is our mission to provide high quality work for clients who value it. Part of the way we ensure our quality is by making sure that your project is managed by our core team. In addition, the team leader on every project we conduct will be one of the two people whose names appear on the letterhead: Martha DeLong or John H. Campbell. Are we right for the work you have in mind? Call or e-mail today to start the conversation.

Martha A. DeLong, Director of Market Research

Martha DeLong brings 25 years of research experience, intellectual curiosity, problem solving skills, and communications expertise to every research project CDRI undertakes. The results are research studies that provide CDRI's clients with information they can use to make better decisions in a format designed to ensure they don't have to sift through dry or confusing research dissertations to find the answers to their questions. Read more...

John H. Campbell, Director of Training, Planning & Assessment

John H. Campbell combines expertise in training, strategic planning, facilitation, and market research. His work in training development has received national attention for innovation and impact. His strategic planning efforts have won praise for his commitment to clarity, practicality, and simplicity. His research expertise allows him to uncover the fine points of an issue and design solutions that fit the problem.  Read more...

Alicia M. Cash, Training and research Project Manager

Alicia is knowledgeable and experienced in communications, project management, and production. She has a wide range of skills relating to communication, promotion, and publishing and is dedicated to developing programs that improve communities. Read more...

CDRI Associates and strategic partners:

CDRI associates and strategic partners join us on specific projects based on the nature of the work and the specialization called for. They have been selected by us over the years for their intelligence, their expertise, their integrity, and the fact that they are just plain great people to work with. For more about our associates and strategic partners, click here.